Get Paid to Rent Your Rooftop to SPS

How does this work?

SPS pays you annual rent to generate solar energy on your rooftop. You pay for only the energy you use, at or below cost from the local utility. Best of all, SPS builds and maintains the system, so you can focus on what your company does best.

Your business will get a portion of the financial and environmental benefits generated by our system, while SPS takes on the costs, maintenance, and additional responsibilities.

Best Suitable for: Mid Sized Commercial Businesses, Property Owners

Start making money off your unused roof space!


Saves time and money:

Building and operating a solar system is expensive and time consuming - SPS saves you time and money by handling all finance, operation, and maintenance of the solar system so you can focus on your core business.

Your payment is not dependent on the weather:

If it is cloudy all year, you still get paid as if it were sunny every day. By modeling the generation of your system ahead of time, we lock in a guaranteed fixed-rate payment for your business. If we don’t meet our production projections, your payment remains the same!

Financial flexibility:

SPS can front-load a portion of our annual payments to make cash available to your business now. Whether that be for a re-roofing, parking lot re-pavement or any other reason, were here to put cash back into the hands of hard-working Americans.